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Workers Compensation Premium Audit

Workers comp premium payments can’t be avoided.  Do you want to get a significant check for overpayments ?

 Workers Compensation is complex and very technical which makes it difficult to figure out how much should be paid in premiums. If your company is paying over 75k in premiums, Bottom Line Maximizers and our audit partners will help you recover overpaid dollars and lower future payments.

Insurance company audits check the number of payrolls to make sure premiums are paid for all workers. The auditor is not there to locate overcharges, missed premium discounts, experience mod reductions. Our solution is designed to make sure corrections are made and you get the refund your company deserves.

There are over six hundred NCCI classifications as well state classification codes. Our team of experts can find incorrect and undetected errors.
A comprehensive evaluation of all aspects involved in pricing including Mod Factor,job class, removed and unpaid credits, rate changes, claim and reserve discrepancies, subcontractor premiums and morewill be performed.

90 % of accounts reviewed have been found to have errors resulting in overcharged premiums.

Our Workers Compensation Premium Auditor only handles workers compensation and has 25 years of experience.
Experience mod factor improvement will be identified resulting in significant savings in future premiums.
Mistakes made by rating boards and insurance companies will be uncovered and corrected.
We are not looking to sell or replace existing insurance.

Solutions can be utilized with any type of insurance program:

  • Guaranteed Cost Plans
  • Retro Plans
  • Large Deductibles Plans
  • Trust Programs
  • Captives

Our audits provide impartial third party review with no affiliations to insurance companies.
Non intrusive to your company- about 30 minutes participation needed.
We handle all processing and have a check sent to your company.
Multi year recovery can add up to substantial refunds.

You pay only for results. Even if audit is successful improving modification factor and lowering future premiums, no premium recovery means no fee.

Don’t wait to get your recovery dollars. Look backs for recovery have limited time periods.

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