Recover lost profits and return them to your bottom line.

Maximum recoveries for each and every client.

We provide a road map to optimize cash flow.

Our goal is to provide strategies that improve the financial performance of our clients.

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Utilities Audit

Savings average 5 to 20% plus any credits due going back 3 years or more

Are you getting the best pricing and services from the Utility providers?

Most companies do not realize that utilities pricing can be negotiated. Utilities are typically a major expense not questioned and with an assumption of being correct. Errors typically occur in over 70 % of audits. Bottom Line Maximizers will ensure that your company recovers over-payments and generates on-going savings.

Our utilities audit consists of:

  • Energy Costs – electricity and natural gas
  • Water Costs
  • Sewer Costs

Our experts will first analyze your bills for errors and evaluate rate
structures. Utility audits are often complex and time consuming. Once
inefficiencies are found we will work with utility companies on your behalf
to correct errors and negotiate rates for immediate recovery and on going
savings. Alternative providers will be included in the analysis allowing you
to make the best strategic decision.

No Recovery and savings = No Cost to your company

Bottom Line Maximizers contingency fee solutions offer companies a risk-
free opportunity to save money by reducing their monthly operational costs.
We are compensated on a percentage of costs recovered and future savings.

Savings will be monitored and measured on a monthly basis during the
agreement period.

It’s easy to get started. We will ask for the most recent bill from each of the utilities that are to be audited. We will obtain any additional billing history, usage and customer service records directly from the utility companies.

Audit solutions are automated and run through specialty software. There is no need for an on site visit by our auditors. Minimal amount of your staff time will needed.

Explore how your company will benefit using Bottom Line Maximizers
revenue generating and vendor screening solutions. Recover lost profits and maximize savings your company should rightfully have.

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