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Maximum recoveries for each and every client.

We provide a road map to optimize cash flow.

Our goal is to provide strategies that improve the financial performance of our clients.

Enhance your profits with a Bottom Line Maximizers audit.

Property Tax Audit

Typical savings: Personal Property 20-35 % Real Property 15- 25 %

Reducing Property and Real tax can significantly add to your bottom line.

Property and real taxes are often misunderstood and go unchallenged.

The economy including property values have experienced significant downturn. You see
property and real taxes increase to cover government shortfalls. Taxes are less scrutinized than other expenses therefore revenue is lost year after year.

Most businesses have little understanding of how to appeal the assessed values of
property. The result is undetected overpaid taxes. Now, it’s time to recover and reduce your tax bill.

Bottom Line Maximizers work with experts who will get your company refunds of over
paid taxes and provide future savings. Assessments will be rectified to show true value.

A series of studies will be performed to:

  • Verify your assets
  • Validate proper classification
  • Obtain correct property valuation
  • Determine if assets are being assessed twice
  • Review exempt eligibility and taxable status
  • Evaluate economic or functional changes

Property Tax management is more than making some filings at the tax office. Bottom
Line Maximizers will handle everything needed to recover and lower company property
taxes. Our experts will handle all appeals if needed.

We are only paid for performance. If we can’t get a refund or lower taxes, there is no cost.

Why pay more in taxes than needed?

Explore how your company will benefit using Bottom Line Maximizers revenue
generating and vendor screening solutions. Recover lost profits and maximize savings
your company should rightfully have.

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