Recover lost profits and return them to your bottom line.

Maximum recoveries for each and every client.

We provide a road map to optimize cash flow.

Our goal is to provide strategies that improve the financial performance of our clients.

Enhance your profits with a Bottom Line Maximizers audit.

Accounts Payable Recovery Audit

Most companies have hidden profits within their Accounts Payable. Bottom
Line Maximizers goal is to enhance your cash flow by uncovering overpaid
expenses and lower on going expenses.

Average recovery is .5  to 3 % of non payroll payables going back last 3 years.

Fee is based on performance only. We share a portion of actual recovery
and expense reduction.

Recover your money before it disappears. Expense recoveries are time
sensitive. The longer you wait the harder it will be to retrieve lost dollars.
A no risk contingency based audit is a very effective way to uncover and
recover lost profits. No budget required.

Small margins of errors can result in thousands to millions of dollars in lost
profits. The high volume of invoices processed often has a trail of errors and
over expenditures. We will analyze your accounts payable  and come up with
a map for not only recoveries but ongoing future savings. The audit is non
intrusive. Proprietary software will allow your company to monitor results.

Our comprehensive audit solutions will help you recover and avoid overpayment in a
variety of areas including:

Duplicate Payment Detection and Recovery

Payments of an invoice more than once due to duplicate billings or system changes
are common. A comprehensive review is completed by using sophisticated duplicate
payment detection algorithms as well a manual review. We will find duplicates and recover your money.

Sales & Use Tax Recovery

Tax overpayments often result from suppliers incorrect application of specific taxable
requirements and inaccurate invoicing. Many items your company paid tax on may have
been exempt from collected taxes. Taxes are complex and vary from state to state. We
can help you recover significant dollars with this specialized recovery strategy.

Missed Discount Detection and Recovery

Uncover missed and miscalculated discounts using advanced computer programs.
Missed discounts will be uncovered by comparing actual payment terms making
sure that discounts for early payments have been applied.

Erroneous Overpayment

Overpayments commonly occur when items paid for were never received or returned
items were returned however credit memos were not issued. Our auditors will reconcile
your purchase orders with your Accounts Payable and shipping/receiving files to uncover
pricing errors and overpayments.

Unapplied credit Memos

Credit memos issued by a suppler may not be credited during invoicing. The result is an
overpayment or missed deduction. Credit memos may not be applied properly.

Vendor Fraud Detection

Review abnormal vendor activity and invoicing. Computer algorithms and manual
review will expose irregularities and fraudulent billing.

Explore how your company will benefit using Bottom Line Maximizers revenue generating and vendor screening solutions.

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